Truth & Training

 (Ages 8-11)

At the T & T level of Awana,  kids are beginning to ask real and important questions,  such as, “How do I know the Bible is true?” or “What does the Bible say about me and my family?”   The goal of the T & T program is to answer those questions and help the kids see how to apply those answers to their lives.   Each answer is supported by  Bible verses, which the kids memorize.

Ages 8 & 9 – Ultimate Adventure
Ages 10 & 11 – Ultimate Challenge

There are 4 handbooks in the T & T Awana materials, and it’s expected (but not required) that the kids complete one book each year.   Each “T & T” progresses at their own pace.  The books are “adventure-focused”  with exciting stories involving outer space, undersea exploration, archaeology and  geology/outdoors.   There are also service projects and Bible studies to do.   (And even secret codes to solve!)

T & T’s wear gray “Boy Scout-looking” shirts.  Students in the Ultimate Adventure segment have an award badge; they earn inserts for the badge as they complete their assignments.  Ultimate Challenge students have the option to wear a blue and white shirt; their awards are a fascinating collection of patches to put on the shirt.  T & T students who finish their books receive ribbons and trophies.

T & T’s are also eligible to join the Bible Quiz team and compete in Bible memory competitions with other clubs from the North Bay Area.   The AwanaGames in March are a big event for the T & T’s as well!

The T & T club song says,  “I am off on the Ultimate Adventure, trusting Jesus all along the way!  To the truth of God’s word I will surrender, no matter where I am from day to day.   In the sky, under sea, in the wild,  Christ with me–here at home, around the world, His love is clear to see!  Won’t you come along with me, on the Ultimate Adventure?    I will train for the mission He has for me; I will trust in Him to bring the victory; when I read His Word and pray, He gives direction, no matter where I am from day to day!”

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