Each family must fill out a registration paper for their kids.  It includes medical information, contacts, etc.  We also ask parents to sign a medical release form and also sign that they read and understood the club safety rules.  Some of the safety rules have to do with clothing–kids need to wear running shoes and long pants, since our Game Time is outside on asphalt.

You can register your child on their first day of club.   Kids may start at any time, from September – April.


The registration fee covers all of the child’s books and awards.  (There are a lot of awards!)  For kids who start in September/October, it is $40 for the first child in the family, $30 for the 2nd child, and $20 for the 3rd (or more) child, all in the same family.  After October, the registration fee becomes less and less, because the child will not have as much time to earn awards.

All registration papers, information, etc. are available at the information/registration table by the entrance door.

Scholarships are available, with two basic requirements.

1) A parent/grandparent must come and help at the club each week.

2) Parents must make a commitment that their child will come to club PREPARED each week (that means the child has memorized the verse/s and done all the Bible reading/study).  This will mean that the parent will need to spend some time with their child each day, helping them to study (and reading to them if they cannot read yet).


All Awana students are required to wear a uniform.  Most of their awards are placed on the uniform. Having a uniform also helps kids feel like they belong, helps minimize the peer pressure of “who is wearing what”, and helps with modesty.

Many families simply hand down uniforms from child to child, so the cost of uniforms is separate from registration.

Uniforms are available at the information/registration table by the entrance door of the club.

Cubbies (ages 3-5) wear a blue vest.  $12 for new, $6 for used (if available)

Sparks (ages 5-7) wear a red vest.  $12 for new, $6 for used (if available)

T & T (ages 8-11) wear either a gray shirt/blouse  ($24 new/ $12 used)  or a green jersey  ($18 new/ $9 used)

Trek (ages 12-13) wear a “Trek” red T-shirt  ($18 new/ no used available)

Journey (high school) wear a gray T-shirt ($18 new)  OR a gray “leader” shirt  (free, if they are an LIT)

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