(Ages 5-7)

The goal of the Sparks program is to help children see how the Bible all fits together chronologically, from Genesis to Revelation.  They also learn how to have a personal relationship with God through trusting Christ as their own Savior and Lord.  The Sparks have a cute, lively firefly mascot, “Sparkie”.  The Sparks are encouraged to “light the world” around them for the Lord Jesus!

The Sparks have 3 handbooks, and are expected (but not required) to complete one handbook per year.   Sparks work at their own pace in completing their books.

First Year – Hang Glider
Second Year – Wing Runner
Third Year – Sky Stormer

Sparks wear a red uniform vest and earn patches, “pilot wings” and red, green and blue jewels to put in the pilot wings.  For finishing their books, they receive a special ribbon or a plaque.

The Sparks song says, “We are Sparks for Jesus, Sparks to light the world!    We will shine for Jesus, as we tell each boy and girl!  We will hide God’s Word in our hearts; we will serve Him right from the start; from His love we never can part, for we are Sparks! Sparks!  Sparks! Sparks! Sparks to light the world!”

Sparks also get their first taste of competition by participating in the “Sparks-A-Rama” segment of the AwanaGames in March.  It is very exciting  for them to be on the team in a BIG gym, with all the cheering and the color and the music,  doing their best at the games they’ve been playing in Game Time at club each week.

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