Preschool (Ages 3-4)

The Cubbie Awana program is subdivided into a number of short segments which are all designed to teach one particular  Bible verse each week.  There are crafts, games, a puppet show, singing, Bible story time, snacks, playtime and “book time”  (when the children recite the verse they have learned, as well as reviewing previous memory verses).  The Cubbie mascot is Cubbie Bear, who encourages the children that God loves them and that they can think about what God says.

Cubbie awards include little patches which are put on their blue uniform vest.  If they finish their book,  they receive an impressive rosette!

The Cubbies learn above all else that God loves them,  and made a way for them to be with Him even though they have done things that are wrong (sin).  They learn that God talks to us in His Word, the Bible.

Some of their memory verses include:

John 1:3   “All things were made by Him”

Psalm 119:160   “Your word is true from the beginning”

The Cubbies Song:

“We are Awana Cubbies! We’re happy all day long.  We know that Jesus loves us, that’s why we sing this song.  We hop because we’re happy, and we jump and shout for joy, ’cause Jesus is a friend to us–He loves each girl and boy!”

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