About Awana

Awana is a non-denominational, international Christian Bible memory, study and training club for kids ages 3 through seniors in high school.  It’s been around for over 60 years, and it is a lot of fun!


The name is based on 2 Timothy 2:15, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The purpose of all Awana clubs is to help kids, teens and adults come to know and love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Each local Awana club is split into different age-related clubs.

CUBBIES“- Preschool

“SPARKS” (Ages 5-7)

“T & T”  (Truth & Training) (Ages 8-11)

“TREK” (Ages 12-13)

“JOURNEY 24/7 (Ages 14-17)

“LEADERS IN TRAINING” (LIT’s)   (Ages 14-17, with approval of club leadership)


At the beginning of club time, all the children and leaders gather on the Awana Game Circle for the Flag Ceremony. Everyone stands at attention as the American flag and Awana flag are carried in.  Pledges are recited to both flags, and there is a brief opening prayer.

After that, kids are dismissed to their next activity, which could be one of three things:


The children go to their “handbook room” where they divide into many small groups, with 1 or 2  leaders per group.   Each child has their own Bible study/memory/project  handbook .   The books contain verses to memorize (with careful explanations of the meaning of each verse), as well as Bible studies to complete, plus service projects and tasks to be done outside of club time.  Each handbook group begins their time with praying for each other, and then, taking turns, the students recite to the leader the Bible verses they have memorized that week at home.  The leader makes sure the children know their verses “wordperfect”,  that each child understands and knows how to apply their verses, and that all tasks and projects have been completed, before “signing off” the page and rewarding the child with an “AwanaDollar” which the child may use at the Awana Store (held three times a year).

If a child has not done any home study in their book, their leaders will help them study and learn their verses right there at Awana during  Handbook  Time.


For many kids, this is their favorite part of Awana!  Several of the games are long-standing and unique Awana traditions.  The 30 foot diameter Awana Game Circle has been in use ever since Awana began in 1950.  For Game Time, the kids are divided into 4 teams–Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.   Many of the games the kids play each week are part of the “AwanaGames” held each year  in March, when teams from churches all over the area come together for a day of exciting competition and fun!  The Sparks and T & T teams compete with clubs from the North Bay area; the Trek and Journey teams are up against teams from all over Northern California and Nevada!

A wide variety of  “really cool, fun” games are played on the circle, involving every muscle of the body, from running to throwing & catching, to agility and finesse.  Many require real team work, and there are rules to be obeyed, or a team is “DQ-ed” (disqualified).   Team leaders emphasize good attitudes and good sportsmanship, and helping others on the team.   There are also games that even the non-athletic kids will enjoy.   Game Time helps kids learn to focus their minds and bodies together, which helps them not only in learning to memorize Bible verses, but in their studies at school as well.


This gives all the kids a chance to gether together for a time of singing club songs, sharing stories of where they have seen God at work that week, hearing a short message by one of the leaders, and then receiving any awards that they have earned for the work they completed in their handbooks that day.

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